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Injury Lawyers Who Go Above and Beyond

We are compassionate.
We are considerate.
We care about you and your future.
And we get results.

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    100% Confidential

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    No Obligation

    How We Go Beyond Law

    You are here because the unimaginable has happened. You or your loved one has suffered a serious personal injury, or you have lost someone close to you. You need more than a lawyer. You need a calm, steady hand to guide you. We will help you every step of the way, from start to finish.

    We will help you using our proven three step approach:

    We understand that every case is unique, so we will investigate your case, preserve essential evidence, speak to witnesses and ensure we have all the information and details to get a complete picture. Additionally, where there is insurance coverage, we will arrange for top-notch healthcare providers to assist you in your recovery.

    Drawing on our extensive experience litigating severe personal injury claims and a deep knowledge of personal injury law, we will work with you to develop a personalized litigation strategy tailored to your unique circumstances. We will explore all available avenues to ensure your rights are protected and to identify all benefits and compensation options you are entitled to.

    We will meticulously prepare your case by obtaining expert medical, engineering, and accounting evidence as needed to strengthen the case and by knowing personal injury law and the insurance industry inside and out. We will explore settlement early and often to deliver the best result for you. If your case cannot be settled, we will not hesitate to go to trial, if that is what you want, to secure the compensation you deserve.

    Practice Areas

    Personal Injury

    Medical Malpractice

    Class Actions & Mass Torts

    Injuries to Children

    Long-Term Care Homes

    Life & Disability Insurance

    Professional Negligence

    Product Liability

    Slip-and-Fall Claims

    What People Are Saying About Us

    We consistently receive five star reviews, reflecting the care, attention, and dedication we devote to our clients and their cases.

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    Our Core Values

    At Beyond Law we not only strive to get you a great result, but to give you top quality legal service every step of the way. In order to achieve this goal we have built our firm on the following core values:

    As our client, we promise you that we will honor these values in our delivery of services.

    Looking for a personal injury lawyer? Request a free case evaluation today.

    Meet The Lawyers


    Josh Nisker

    I’m Josh, a founding partner of Beyond Law.

    Personal injury is stressful. So is litigation. You need a lawyer who will take care to minimize your stress, not add to it.


    Kate Mazzucco

    Hello, I’m Kate, a founding partner of Beyond Law.

    Going through the pain and turmoil of any personal injury is devastating for you and your loved ones.

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    Financial Peace of Mind

    We operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid until and unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you. Our fee model is designed to alleviate the financial hardship and stress experienced by our clients, many of whom are unable to work due to illness or injury. We believe that access to justice should not be determined by a person’s financial circumstances, or their ability to pay, but the merits of their case.

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